Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello world!

So I have always thought it would be interesting and beneficial to journal. After several attempts, I have never been able to actually keep up with a journal for more entry. Luckily, blogs are becoming extremely popular and now not only can I journal about my life but all of you fabulous followers can be updated on my highly intellectual and extremely important day to day thoughts.

For example...pumpkin pie poptarts.

what a beautiful and delicious concept. Amanda and I have been pondering whether or not to get off the couch and go to target (30 seconds away) specifically for the simple pleasure of purchasing one of these delightful pastry treats. It's truly amazing what they can turn into a poptart - now if only they could master a funfetti poptart - Amanda and I would be thrilled.

On another note, has anyone else noticed that it's been 80 degrees outside in mid-October? Now lets be honest ladies, there are only so many cute outfits we can come up with that still follow the rules of fall fashion yet keep us from being suffocated by a large jacket in beach weather. I personally am a huge fan of crisp fall weather and would be ever so pleased if it showed up very very soon!

And finally, a though that is actually deep and worth discussing.....leggings as pants.

Now I'm no fashionista, but I do know that when you go to a store you see a rack of leggings and a rack of pants. These are separated for a reason. If you would like to wear leggings - do it! But wear something that covers your backside when you do - like a sweater dress for example. For those of you ladies that are still struggling with this concept, here are a few easy rules to follow:


Just follow these simple legging rules and you can enjoy a  glare-free life time of legging wearing pleasure.

In conclusion: these vital and fascinating topics are just a few of my thoughts for the day. But there is much more to come - so stay tuned!